Who Runs Planet Pilates?



Hi! I’m Jenny James…

I decided to train as a Pilates Instructor in 2009 after developing an interest in rehabilitation through exercise. Previously I developed and implemented an exercise on referral scheme which included a Moving with Stroke project for Charity Ability Bow now based in Tower Hamlets.

I also had old injuries in my Pelvis and neck which had created a lack of movement in my hips and thoracic spine which were hindering my everyday life!

I found that remedial Pilates helped me to feel the way I moved. Using breathe to guide me into my body helping me to realise tension in my muscles and lengthen up through my thoracic spine. I also found my feet and started to understand the importance of rooting down after spending so many years doing the opposite

I have always had an interest in sport and exercise and spent my early years enjoying Outdoor activities with my Outdoor loving family! I then went to achieve a BSc in Sports Science from Greenwich University.

I am now a Mother to 2 year old Bella. My Pregnancy went well. I found regular Pilates classes helped me to prepare for birth. Focus on the breathe combined with gentle alignment and toning, prepared me for labour, birth and the tough 3 months after!

I found the transition to motherhood a tough and amazing journey. I suffered with a Diastasis Recti (a connective tissue tear) in the lower abdomen 20 months after giving birth. I am going through the rehabilitation of this injury myself.

I am currently developing my training as a movement therapist. I am doing an amazing course with Ana Barretxeguren which is training me to teach clients on Pilates Equipment. It is taught very much from a rehabilitation through movement point of view.

I have an holistic approach to developing a Pilates Plan with a client. I treat everyone as an individual and will develop a specific and goal orientated plan for you to follow at a pace that you are happy with.

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