What Type Of Class Suits You?

Types Of Pilates Class Available

Pilates for groups

My courses at Sundial Chiropractic Clinic offer a unique opportunity to join a small group class at an affordable price. With a maximum of 4 people per class clients receive lots of 1 to 1 tuition. Classes are friendly and I have slots for beginners, improvers and intermediate levels. Group classes are suitable for people who like learning and exercising along side other people and who get motivated by committing to a class on a weekly basis.


Private tuition and small private groups (mobile Pilates at your home or office)

I offer Private sessions at your home or office on a 1 to 1, 2 to1 or small group basis. I can come to you fitting into your busy schedule. I will create a personalised plan for you based on your goals specific needs and time scale. These sessions are great for people who are working to a specific tight timescale and can’t commit to a class. Have specific injuries or recovering post op. Are pregnant or postnatal. Or simply prefer having more individual tuition.



If you are Pregnant then Pilates can help you on your journey. I have a toddler and found my weekly Pilates class helped me to prepare for birth.  Breathing work really helped me during labour. Working with the breathe gave me the mental and physical strength I needed to guide me through to birth. Private sessions are the most effective because I can fully concentrate on your needs. I can also work with small groups.


Post Partum

Recovery should be approached with care. It very much depends on the individuals needs. I found recovery challenging as I had a little person taking up all my time! I suffered from poor posture. I also continued breast feeding until Isabella was nearly two and then suffered with Distasis Recti in my lower tummy. This was caused through a combination of an old injury causing torsion in my body  with too much core exercise, poor alignment and Pelvic floor dysfunction. I was also stressed, overtired and my hormones were all over the place due to breast feeding! I didn’t sleep very much until Isabella was 2! Pilates has helped me to listen to my body and fully recover from the Distasis Recti injury.


Remedial Pilates

If you are feeling stressed, stiff, out of shape and regularly suffer with back pain or an achy body then Pilates is a good place to start. For one full hour you can forget everything else and focus your mind and energy into your body. Learn how to use the breathe to support movement. Create stability in the body through gentle strengthening exercises. Work to lengthen up through the spine and anchor down through the feet to improve posture. Thus carrying out your daily living tasks with much more ease both mentally and physically.


Pilates for Sport

Pilates can help to prevent injury and aid performance in a gentle lengthening and strengthening manor when training for specific events for example a marathon or a triathlon. It helps to create alignment and balance throughout the body. Helping to stabilise the pelvis and develop strong core and back muscles. It will help you to focus into your body helping you to become more aware of how you move and how you can improve movement patterns. Learning to use the breathe correctly will help you to stay more focused and aid you to release muscles that hold unnecessary tension.


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