Pregnancy & Postpartum Pilates


‘I started one to one Pilates lessons with Jenny after the birth of my first child, which was a c-section. As a beginner I wasn’t very coordinated and she was very patient with me!  Jenny helped me gain my core strength and stability.  She explained the moves and broke down the exercises in a really clear manner. After the first few lessons I began to gain confidence and strength and this really helped with my recovery.

I went on to have a second child which also required a c-section.  As I’d had built up my core strength already the recovery this time was much quicker. I would thoroughly recommend Jenny to anyone wanting to try pilates or for people who already do it, she caters from beginners to the more experienced.’

Jennifer Lucas on her experience with Planet Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates

If you are Pregnant then Pilates can help you on your journey. I have a toddler and found my weekly Pilates class helped me to prepare for birth.  Breathing work really helped me during labour. Working with the breathe gave me the mental and physical strength I needed to guide me through to birth. Private sessions are the most effective because I can fully concentrate on your needs. I can also work with small groups. 

Post Natal Pilates

Recovery should be approached with care, as it very much depends on the individuals needs. I found recovery challenging as I had a little person taking up all my time!

I suffered from poor posture. I also continued breast feeding until Isabella was nearly two and then suffered with Distasis Rectii in my lower tummy. This was caused through a combination of an old injury causing torsion in my body combined with too much core exercise, loose ligaments due to breast feeding and stress/ over tiredness.  I didn’t sleep very much until Isabella was 2!

Pilates has helped me to listen to my body, use the breathe to help me to reconnect the muscle fibre together and address my old injuries and postural problems.


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